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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: Adding if/unless conditions on commandline args
Date Fri, 03 May 2013 08:01:12 GMT
I wonder whether we could not add if an unless on all nested elements in the framework ?


On May 3, 2013, at 2:57 AM, Jean-Louis Boudart wrote:

> Hi,
> It's currently difficult to make reusable script when using <exec> task or
> any other task using commandline args.
> We oftenly need some "dynamic arguments" and this can be complicated.
> Therefor, i suggest to introduce if/unless conditions on comand line args :
> <exec executable="git">
>   <arg value="commit"/>
>   <arg line="-a" if="${commit.all.files}"/>
>   <arg value="-m"/>
>   <arg value="${commit.message}"/>
> </exec>
> I have a working implementation  with related tests and documentation.
> Commandline.Arg class now extends ProjectComponent, and expose accessors
> for if/unless condition, and rely on PropertyHelper to check conditions.
> Is this sufficient ? From what i have seen, it doesn't break backward
> compatibility at least all tests are green :p.
> The setProject(Project p) method should be invoked "automatically" by
> ProjectHelper isn't it ?
> If ant is used in pure java and we ommited invoking setProject(Project p)
> method, it should also works as PropertyHelper seems null safe.
> If there is no objection i will commit this this week end.

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