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From Jan Matèrne (jhm) <>
Subject AW: Evaluating Bintray as a distribution platform for easyant plugins
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2013 06:00:00 GMT
> We currently have our own repostory ( hosted on
> a private server. I would prefer to switch to a more reliable
> repository like bintray. No need to worry about backup, disaster
> recovery. We could just focus on content.

I would prefer having the artifacts on ASF servers. A (Nexus based)
repository is at
Ant + Ivy are available at 

> They also offers download statistics which could be interresting for us.

Not sure about getting statistics from Nexus. But should be possible ...
(maybe we have to ask #infra)

> As bintray and github supports "Markdown" syntax, i made some
> experimentation on plugin documentation generation.

Are you writing the markdown by hand or do you generate that from java

> Result on github :
> Result on bintray :
> easyant-plugin

On BinTray the tables are broken.
No syntax highlighting on BT?

> If sources are on github, read more page from github can be "synced"
> with If not we can edit directly in bintray.
> You can notice that Table markdown syntax seems broken on bintray (or
> not supported yet). I reported it few minutes ago.
> I'm really satisfied by the result and wondering if we should move our
> plugins there. We can be backward compatible on exposed urll without
> effort.

Git support is growing at ASF, e.g. Camel is on the migration path from svn
to git.
A "blocker" to their vote is


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