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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1462931 - in /ant/core/trunk: WHATSNEW manual/Tasks/ear.html manual/Tasks/jar.html manual/Tasks/war.html manual/Tasks/zip.html
Date Sun, 31 Mar 2013 20:15:58 GMT
On 03/31/2013 02:20 PM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> compressing to a temporary buffer perhaps?
> We do so for STORED entries and risk OutOfMemoryExceptions (we could
> throw away the buffer and just count).  The performance impact would be
> non-trivial for big files, which is what Zip64 really is about.

Do you know when you start the entry how big it is _uncompressed_? If so, you could say that
for anything largish, just compress to a temporary file, and then write the 
entry from that.

Not sure if such hacks are worth the effort just to support Java 5, which is long past EOL

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