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From Neil Miller <>
Subject Proposed improvement to the Ivy Install ant task
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2012 00:18:37 GMT
Hi all,
  I have a enhancement to the Ivy Install ant task that I'm looking at 
working on and would like some feedback before I start. My use case is this:
  I have an existing Ivy repository and I wish to install a new module 
and it's dependencies, but I would not like it to overwrite any 
dependencies that I already have in my repository. There are several 
reasons for this:
- I could have corrections or enhancements in my local repo, that are 
not present in the repo I'm installing from
- if something goes wrong during the install process, existing modules 
may be left in an unusable state (partially overwritten)
- it takes longer.

Currently, if one installs with transitive="true" it will, if overwrite 
is false, fail when encountering a preexisting dependency or, if 
overwrite is true, overwrite it.

My proposed solution is to augment the transitive property with an extra 
option: "true-skip-existing". When this is option is selected the 
install engine would create a chained resolver from the "from" and "to" 
resolvers ("to" first), do the resolve and then weed out those modules 
that were resolved by the "to" resolver, before downloading and 
publishing to the "to" resolver.

Thought, suggestions? Is this something that the Ivy team would be 
interesting in including in a future release?


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