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From Jarek Czekalski <>
Subject Re: Request - Native Java "Script" Support
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2012 06:33:20 GMT
W dniu 2012-09-20 13:55, Anders Rundgren pisze:
> I haven't tried with Groovy script and my request is really about getting
> a core feature already verified being useful in NAnt into the default Ant
> installation so you can *ship build scripts to anybody* (having an upgraded
> Ant NB...) without requiring yet another install.

Hi Ants :)

I'd like to note that tools like ivy allow installing additional modules 
(like groovy jar) on the fly. That is: a smart ant script first checks 
for ivy, then downloads it. When ivy is already there, downloading and 
adding to execution path a groovy jar is a piece of cake. And there are 
examples of such smart scripts (ivy page) and they are in common use.

So the groovy solution may be more acceptable than you first thought of 
it, Anders.

I'm afraid that there is a general crisis among open source developers 
and they should spare resources whenever possible. Any new feature draws 
resources, so it's general disadvantage of new features. Generating 
future bugs is a long-time cost and I would expect many such bugs from 
such a complex feature.

And finally if maven (or anything) is ever really undisputably better, 
than we all switch to maven and be happy. No need to have many open 
source tools doing the same. That would also mean a waste of resources.


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