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From Anders Rundgren <>
Subject Re: Request - Native Java "Script" Support
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 11:55:13 GMT
On 2012-09-20 13:21, Vimil Saju wrote:
> Hi Anders,
> Have you tried groovy script? I think groovy is completely compatible with java.
> That is any valid java code is valid groovy code too.

Hi Vimil,
I guess you refer to: ?

I haven't tried with Groovy script and my request is really about getting
a core feature already verified being useful in NAnt into the default Ant
installation so you can ship build scripts to anybody (having an upgraded
Ant NB...) without requiring yet another install.

It is quite possible that I'm wrong but it seems that this would something
like the "javac" and "java" targets combined so 90% of the code should already
be in place sort of :-)

IMO such a feature could extend the life of Ant considerably.  Nobody can beat
the power of a full-blown programming language!


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>  From: Anders Rundgren <>
> To: 
> Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 3:11 AM
> Subject: Request - Native Java "Script" Support
> Dear Ant-Team,
> I am an avid Ant user since more than 10 years back and I'm happy to see how it has progressed!
> Recently I have begun writing very complex build scripts and found myself craving for
a more programmatic solution which using Ant in standard configurations means using JavaScript
or writing extensions.
> In addition, I have also been using .NET tools like NAnt.
> In NAnt there is no JavaScript support but there is support for native C#.
> I find C# and Java much better for this purpose than JavaScript so my question is really:
> Would it be completely unthinkable to add Java as a scripting language?
> Since Ant already presumes JDK it doesn't sound completely undoable either.
> Beanshell isn't an active project and I don't see any advantage with Beanshell compared
to native Java.
> Sincerely,
> Anders Rundgren
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