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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: File.toURL() and
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 12:50:41 GMT

Le 22 août 2012 à 00:04, Jesse Glick a écrit :

> On 08/21/2012 03:13 PM, Nicolas Lalevée wrote:
>> Or is there some code which rely on the broken behavior?
> Not that I know of. See the various commented-out code blocks and "XXX" comments in this
class; it has a long and messy history. I do not know whether the current code successfully
works around all of File.toURL's failures.
> Just beware that File.toUri is also broken for UNC paths. For a hint, [1] shows some
analogous code in NetBeans which uses the better Path.toUri on JDK 7+, simplifying file:///path
to file:/path; falling back to File.toUri with a manual file:////server/share/path -> file://server/share/path

It seems to me that FileUtils.getFileURL is doing the job correctly. I have then deprecated
Locator.fileToURL and replace it by FileUtils.getFileURL

> You may also need to be wary of non-ASCII characters in pathnames on operating systems
not using UTF-8 consistently. The explanation I got from the author of Path.toUri ([2] p.c.)
is that file:///some/path as produced by Path.toUri is expected to retain the original octet
sequence used to construct the pathname, whereas file:/some/path may lack this information.
The issue might affect interactions with forked processes. I do not understand this very well
(on Linux you never have to worry about this kind of nonsense) but it may make sense to you.

Don't understand the encoding issue there, since we are manipulating Strings.
Since FileUtils.getFileURL is generating a String with only ASCII characters, it seems safe.

> [1]

For the UNC files, something seems off, probably because I just discovered what UNC paths
are. :)
As far I understand, such path reference some file on a remote computer. But then why the
host part of the URI being build is left to 	null ?

> [2]

It seems we cannot become "watchers" of jvm bugs, can we ?


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