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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject [VOTE] Accept EasyAnt as a subproject
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 08:48:43 GMT
EasyAnt is a project based on Ant and Ivy which is in incubation under our "sponsoring".

I kind of misunderstood the "sponsoring". I was thinking that it was implying that EasyAnt
will become part of the Ant project. It doesn't bylaw. We just cleared it out with the EasyAnt
community. So let's clear it out with this vote for the Ant PMC.
I also thought that EasyAnt should have a classical incubation period, doing release and growing
a community. But it has no sense since if EasyAnt is accepted as a subproject of Ant, the
Ant PMC will be responsible for EasyAnt code and releases.

So if we accept EasyAnt, the code will be imported, committers added. But releases should
be voted by us. I'm the only active EasyAnt committer which is also an Ant PMC member. This
means that other Ant PMC member should be involved so that things can roll. We have been managing
that with Ivy and IvyDE, but this is something that should have in mind while voting. Also
note that it would somehow resolve itself it some EasyAnt developer become part of the Ant
PMC, some of them have already wrote some nice patches on Ant and Ivy :)

So, should we accept EasyAnt as a subproject ?


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