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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: ivy building from source
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 18:01:02 GMT
Hi Jason,

> I am interested in making ivy available for FreeBSD users. However I noticed
> that when building from source, the build process fetches files from a
> maven repository.
> Is it possible to get a snapshot of the maven repository available for
> download when there is a new release made of ivy that was built against it,
> so I can use this as my repository, so no external files are required. This
> way I can guarantee that every time I build, it will build successful.

There is no snapshot of the Maven repository, but it is expected to be sticky. It is expected
that once a project is put there it will never change. Otherwise a lot of projects wouldn't
be buildable afterwards I guess. This is one of the reason why there are some bad metadata
there, even mistakes are not fixed.

> This
> is also a way I can verify that the sources of the files are the same. There
> really is no way, it seems, that the files can be verified during the build
> process with checksums.

Ivy does it itself. If present on the server, checksum files are downloaded and then the downloaded
jars are checked.

Note also that Ivy can be build "offline". If the lib folder is properly populated, via a
previous "online" build for instance, it can build without any internet conection. See the
'/offline' target: "ant /offline clean jar".
Maybe the snapshot for you is the lib folder ?


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