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From Mansour Al Akeel <>
Subject Re: NIO 2.0 == Ant 2.0? was Re: Java NIO support
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 21:30:28 GMT
interesting info. It looks like the idea of the redesign has been discussed
a lot in the past.
Another good point, is to have ant independent of any external libraries.
However, I am wondering if this applies to run time environment ?
For example, writing a core ant (mainly build.xml parser), as an osgi
bundle. And collection of bundles for Javac, Java, Copy,... etc. would:

1- be independent of any external libraries and relies on JRE to build.
2- allow integration with IDEs.
3- allow to compile and build the build system, without a build system (ie,
using bootstrap). or like you said "self-building".

Would this be acceptable idea ? A core bundle, and extra bundles for basic
tasks. A bundle for ivy (maybe). We can even have a bundle to install
additional bundles remotely....
And with Java7 NIO the performance will be fine.

comments ?

On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 4:04 PM, Bruce Atherton <> wrote:

> This brings up a point to consider if a rewrite is desired. Ant has always
> avoided relying on external libraries because it is usually the first thing
> in the build chain. It can't have any dependencies itself if it is to be
> self-building. There are tasks that require external libraries to be
> compiled, yes, but they are all optional. That is why there is a bootstrap
> build before the full build. The only libraries you can rely on being there
> are the ones that ship with the JRE.
> This could change in Ant 2 if people wanted but I think we'd need a
> strategy for it.  For example, there was a lot of talk at one point about
> moving the package name from* to org.apache.ant.*.
> Doing this would allow both Ant 1.x and Ant 2 to exist in the same program
> (like IDEs), and it would allow a bootstrap Ant 1.x to build Ant 2. Doing
> that would allow the use of libraries.
> I'm sure there could be other solutions as well, but I don't think anyone
> should automatically assume that non-optional libraries will be available
> until it is decided that that will happen. Assuming anything happens.
> On 2/13/2012 12:02 PM, Jeffrey E Care wrote:
>> Mansour Al Akeel <> wrote on 02/13/2012
>> 01:57:56 PM:
>> > From: Mansour Al Akeel <>
>> > To: Ant Developers List <>
>> > Cc: Stefan Bodewig <>
>> > Date: 02/13/2012 01:58 PM
>> > Subject: Re: NIO 2.0 == Ant 2.0? was Re: Java NIO support
>> >
>> > Bruce,
>> > In fact I was thinking about the same thing. The idea of forking Ant and
>> > rewrite parts of it to use Java 7 NIO, and introduce java plugin frame
>> > work**crossed<>my
mind few times.
>> Why JPF instead of OSGi or whatever extensibility mechanism is working
>> it's way through the JCP for Java 8? IMO the idea of basing an Ant re-write
>> on some dubiously supported clone of Eclipse's plugin mechanism from 8
>> years ago isn't very appealing.
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