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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: NIO 2.0 == Ant 2.0? was Re: Java NIO support
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2012 19:11:59 GMT

Le 15 févr. 2012 à 20:05, Mansour Al Akeel a écrit :

> Another thing I don't understand about the current Ant. Why there are
> derivatives from ant and they are gaining popularity ? I am talking about
> gradle and easyant.
> Gradle adds mutli project support, and easyant sets some conventions (I
> didn't use it). I am wondering what makes the author go with a new build
> system, if things like this can be done with antlib. And why would users
> switch to these systems. I like writing my custom tasks and wrap them in an
> antlib. But why others are not doing the same to add multi project support,
> or set some conventions ?

I cannot talk about Gradle because I never really understand the real motive apart from the
apparent cool groovy language features.

On the other hand, Easyant is about using Ant on steroïds. The idea is basically sharing
Ant build scripts.
Each time I have to make a build of a Java webapp, I don't write my build.xml from scratch
each time. I look up for an old project I used to work on, I copy its build and keep the interesting
parts, I rehack the build scripts. So with some convention and for very similar projects,
we could share theses scripts. Easyant does "just" this with Ivy.

> Is there something wrong with antlib ? Would OSGI be more convenient and
> appealing for programmers to create and contribute their plugins rather
> than writing their own build system ? Derivatives of eclipse exists, but
> mainly they are just bundles of different plugins. Is this because it's
> OSGI ?

I like this idea of using of modular framework to handle properly modularity.
But what I wouldn't like is having a longer bootstrapping of Ant. For instance gradle is boring
long to launch, even for printing the inline help. The groovy frontend of Ant suffers for
the same issues, unusable for me. I don't have much experience with OSGi systems, I don't
know how fast some implementation are, but a 1s launch (bash script and jvm launch included)
would be to too long for me.


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