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From Neil Miller <>
Subject Re: Seeking feedback on new Ivy plugin - latest status in version range
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2011 21:55:10 GMT
Hi Tom,
  This is something I've also thought about, and is somewhere down on my 
to-do list. One thing I'd like you to consider is breaking this out of 
the "rev" attribute, as I think this would simplify things in the long 
run and possibly in the short run too.
<dependency org="foo" module="bar" rev="latest" status="milestone">

- Works with any existing or future revision plugin
- Plug-in code would be simpler
- Cleaner for future addition of features e.g. status="milestone+" or 

- Probably would take more effort to add, though possibly not that much

Let me know if I can be of any assistance!


On 11/22/11 10:57 AM, Tom McGlynn wrote:
> Please comment on a proposed version plugin for Ivy.
> The release engineering team at Autonomy Southborough is interested in the
> ability to retrieve an Ivy module at a particular status within a range of
> versions.  Here are some examples of revision values using Ivy default
> statuses:
> [1.0,2.0].milestone - matches the latest version greater or equal to 1.0
> and lower or equal to 2.0 with status milestone
> 1.0.+.release - matches the latest sub revision 1.0.+ with status release
> 2.0.+ - matches the latest sub revision 2.0.+ with status integration
> The plugin would combine the capabilities and behaviors of existing version
> matchers "Sub Revision", "Latest (Status)", and "Version Range".  The name
> of the plugin would be LatestVersionRangeMatcher.
> Our team would like to contribute patches for code, test, and
> documentation, in hopes that it will be included in an Ivy release.  We
> believe that no plugin like this exists, and we have seen a few inquiries
> by others for something like this.
> Any comments on the plugin, whether one already exists, or alternatives
> would be very much appreciated.

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