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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Issue 51829
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2011 04:46:57 GMT
On 2011-11-17, Stephan Piesker wrote:

> Idea for solving the issue (51 829).
> Problem is that an error log is generated, although this is given by the
> user as optional. The following code:
> <import optional="true">
>     <url file="foo.x"/>
> </ import>
> The import class first checks whether the file exists from url. And right
> there is the problem. The method of isExists URLResource class is called,
> and this in turn uses the connect method of URLResource. In this attempt
> to open a file and a failure, he said brings the error log. I can believe
> that you can not just call the connect method in isExists and therefore
> the solution must sign a modified function. This method then returns true
> or false.

> So solution:
> file line 229:
> connect away and try to open the file. For failure to return a false and a
> true success.

Another solution is to add a parameter to connect that specifies the log
level to use if connect fails and pass in Project.MSG_VERBOSE from
inside isExists().  This way you still get the error message when Ant is
tun in with the -v switch in case you need to diagnose why the import

This is what I have done in trunk by now.

> question:
> Where should I send the changed file?

You'd attach it to the Bugzilla issue - if you feel your solution is
better than mine, let's discuss that and then you can still create one.

> Should I make a JUnittest this?

or AntUnit.  Yes, we prefer patches that contain tests as well.


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