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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: IvyDE updatesite and the cleanup of
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 08:54:14 GMT

Le 26 sept. 2011 à 06:04, Stefan Bodewig a écrit :

> On 2011-09-25, Nicolas Lalevée wrote:
>> We currently have an "old-style" updatesite, supported be every
>> Eclipse 3.x version. We should migrate it to a "P2" updatesite to
>> support our requirement, but P2 is only supported by Eclipse 3.5 or
>> superior.
> While I'm not an Eclipse user myself (and don't like to trust magic
> in-IDE installations anyway) I can easily imagine developers being
> forced to use older versions by corporate policies.
>> I suggest we change our updatesite to be P2 only, thus requiring
>> Eclipse 3.5. But for those who still have an Eclipse 3.4, they will
>> still be able to install IvyDE, but the manual way [2].
> Could there be some way to provide an additional 3.2 compatible page
> that only linked to the old releases at archives.a.o?  And a page for
> 3.4 that only installs the latest version from the mirror network.

I guess this is doable. But this bring complexity in our build and in our release process.
Managing an updatesite is about having the proper ivy and ivyde jars around, a full eclipse
install around too, and launch the proper eclipse ant targets (eclipse build tools are a pain
to use too). Each time we do a release, then a version have to be "transferred" from the p2
repository to the old style. This is a pain I would like to avoid.

With the P2 repository, I think we will be able to have a single point of entry for the end
user (the current updatesite url). This main repo would reference other p2 repositories on
the mirrored servers, and other p2 repositories on the archive. On the mirrored ones, there
will be one repo of the latest ivy release, another repo for the latest ivyde release.
So when we will release, we will create a new p2 repo for that release, let's say at dist/ant/ivyde/updatesite/ivy-2.3.0
for instance. Then delete any other p2 repo there (rm dist/ant/ivyde/updatesite/ivy-2.2).
Last, in the main p2 repo at dist/ant/ivyde/updatesite, change the reference from
And we will enable mirroring on every p2 repo which is on www.a.o/dist

What brings p2 is that a p2 repo can reference other ones. At least easily, maybe old-style
updatesite can do so, but I never seen how. This makes easy switching from www to archive.

I hope I have not lost you in the gory details on how I intend to implement it :)


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