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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject ZIP64 Support
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 04:16:18 GMT
Hi all,

ZIP64 is the nickname for the changes to the ZIP archive format that are
necessary to support files > 4GB (both individual entries and complete
archives) or archives with more than 64k entries.  Ant's ZIP package
does not support this and neither does prior to Java7[1].

Over in Commons land I've started to implement ZIP64 support in Commons
Compress.  Once the code is released the Compress Antlib will
transparently support ZIP64 without any changes required there.  All
you'd need to do is upgrading Commons Compress.

In order to implement it, Commons Compress must switch to Java5 as the
few parts of that are used in CC (Inflater/Deflater) have
an issuficient API for big entries (getTotalIn returns an int which is
too small, getBytesRead which returns a long has been added in Java5).

Since Ant is stuck with Java 1.4 for now I do not plan to backport the
changes from Commons Compress over to Ant's ZIP package.  The reflection
needed will be too much and I've started to embrace generics and other
Java5 features in the modified code base, so porting is just too

Users that need ZIP64 can be pointed to the Compress Antlib IMHO.


[1] Java7 claims to support it but from what I've seen the OpenJDK
implementation is likely wrong.  I'll dig into OpenJDK's code at one
point in time and open a bug report if my suspicion remains true.

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