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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Website and svnpubsub
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 15:33:07 GMT
On 2011-03-01, Nicolas Lalevée wrote:

> I don't know much about Anakia, but would it handle correctly renamed
> paged ? Would it correctly delete the html files corresponding to the
> removed xdoc pages ?

We don't remove or rename pages ;-) The whole internet would collapse if
people suddenly started to remove pages that other people link to, you

> And would it handle correctly that if you change only the template, it
> has too regenerate the entire site ?

Sometimes it does, but not always.  I can't remember which way around it
is.  Either it regenerates everything if you change priject.xml but
doesn't do so if you change the .vm files or the other way around.

> About ant's doc, maybe we do like Ivy. Ivy does embed its doc into the
> distribution while also exposing it on the website. In svn, the Ivy
> docs (the source, not the generated html files) are maintained here:
> And in the
> source of Ivy's site, there is a svn:external in

That would work.  We'd even only need the externals in the tags/branches
for releases.

> And I just found that :
> What its status, its history ?

Status: dead.

Its history[1] is an attempt to pull together the Anakia generated pages
from trunk and the manual from the latest release while providing all
the stuff needed to run Anakia.  This was created around the time we
released the first Antlibs as I envisioned they'd create bigger websites
themselves (i.e. more than one page) - this never happened.

For reasons I can't remember I ran out of steam before finishing the
idea.  Antoine used to update this part from time to time but in reality
it turned out to be easier to just keep everything in trunk and forget
about the separation.



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