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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Website and svnpubsub
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2011 13:52:22 GMT

Le 28 févr. 2011 à 17:08, Stefan Bodewig a écrit :

> On 2011-02-28, Nicolas Lalevée wrote:


>> So basically it is about having somewhere in svn the sources of the
>> website. A buildbot job then takes care of building the html files and
>> commit them into a "staging" branch. The staging branch is published
>> via svnpubsub to Then we can trigger a merge of
>> the staging branch into a production one. Another buildbot build the
>> html file and again a svnpubsub push it to
> Is "trigger a merge" something one does while looking at the staging
> side or a manula "svn merge"?

There is a "trigger a merge" on the CMS HTTP API. Behind the scene it is about an actual merge
an commit. I suppose that in that API you specify which change you want to merge.


>> Then the simplest move may be to:
>> * make ant/core/trunk/docs/ the staging website for Ant
>> * make ant/core/branches/ANT_SITE/docs/ the production website for Ant
> Seems to mirror closely what we currently have - or once had, by now
> trunk is the production source IIUC.

[hibou@minotaur:/www/]$ svn info | grep URL 

>> Or we can change the layout:
>> * ant/site/core/sources
>> * ant/site/core/staging
>> * ant/site/core/production
>> * ant/site/ivy/sources
>> * ant/site/ivy/staging
>> * ant/site/ivy/production

I think I will suggest to have also a such layout for IvyDE so the file tree in Ivy site would
be less huge (13631 as for now):
* ant/site/ivyde/sources
* ant/site/ivyde/staging
* ant/site/ivyde/production

Maybe in Ivy's site we can try to get rid of some useless "history". What about getting rid
of every RC ?

>> But this would mean some tweaks in the current build of ant since the
>> website is packaged in the distribution.
> Would work for me as well.  Ant could even automate the staging process
> from sources since running Anakia should be straight forward inside
> buildbot.

I don't know much about Anakia, but would it handle correctly renamed paged ? Would it correctly
delete the html files corresponding to the removed xdoc pages ? And would it handle correctly
that if you change only the template, it has too regenerate the entire site ?

About ant's doc, maybe we do like Ivy. Ivy does embed its doc into the distribution while
also exposing it on the website. In svn, the Ivy docs (the source, not the generated html
files) are maintained here:
And in the source of Ivy's site, there is a svn:external in

Maybe we can do that for Ant too. So the manual would be maintained in ant/core/trunk/manual
And have a svn:external in ant/site/core/sources

And I just found that :
What its status, its history ?


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