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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Website and svnpubsub
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 14:05:40 GMT
Hello Nicolas,

On 2/28/11 4:24 AM, Nicolas Lalevée wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Finally I looked myself into how the Apache CMS works and how could our website edition
and publication could be similar or integrated.
> So basically it is about having somewhere in svn the sources of the website. A buildbot
job then takes care of building the html files and commit them into a "staging" branch. The
staging branch is published via svnpubsub to Then we can trigger a merge
of the staging branch into a production one. Another buildbot build the html file and again
a svnpubsub push it to
> I think it would be great to also have both a staging and a production branches, so there
would also be a
> About having a buildbot to build the website rather than doing it ourself: with our current
tasks, it is not able to make the distinction between a change in the template and a change
in a source. So the build doesn't know wether to build the changes files or the entire website.
Building the entire website for Ivy takes ages because xooki generation is quite slow. 
> And about svnpubsub, since we already have the generated content in svn, we could use
it without worries.
> So I suggest that we keep our current local manual build and commit until we have smart
generation tasks. I also suggest we maintain two branches of the site, a staging and a production
one. And the publication will be automatically done via svnpubsub.
> Is there any objection regarding this setup ?
> If we agree, we'll need new branches. I suggest to maintain Ant and Ivy separately so
locally we don't have the svn update much before generating html files.
> Then the simplest move may be to:
> * make ant/core/trunk/docs/ the staging website for Ant
> * make ant/core/branches/ANT_SITE/docs/ the production website for Ant
> * make ant/ivy/site/target the staging website for Ivy
> * create a branch ant/ivy/site/production the production website for Ivy
> Or we can change the layout:
> * ant/site/core/sources
> * ant/site/core/staging
> * ant/site/core/production
> * ant/site/ivy/sources
> * ant/site/ivy/staging
> * ant/site/ivy/production
> But this would mean some tweaks in the current build of ant since the website is packaged
in the distribution.
> Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas.
> Nicolas
I think the second layout is more homogeneous.

Additionally, we could open a discussion about whether packaging the
website in the ant distribution is a good idea or whether we should
avoid it because among other issues the website announces the release
date which is not known with certainty at build time.


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