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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Website and svnpubsub
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2011 09:24:52 GMT
Hi guys,

Finally I looked myself into how the Apache CMS works and how could our website edition and
publication could be similar or integrated.
So basically it is about having somewhere in svn the sources of the website. A buildbot job
then takes care of building the html files and commit them into a "staging" branch. The staging
branch is published via svnpubsub to Then we can trigger a merge of the
staging branch into a production one. Another buildbot build the html file and again a svnpubsub
push it to

I think it would be great to also have both a staging and a production branches, so there
would also be a

About having a buildbot to build the website rather than doing it ourself: with our current
tasks, it is not able to make the distinction between a change in the template and a change
in a source. So the build doesn't know wether to build the changes files or the entire website.
Building the entire website for Ivy takes ages because xooki generation is quite slow. 

And about svnpubsub, since we already have the generated content in svn, we could use it without

So I suggest that we keep our current local manual build and commit until we have smart generation
tasks. I also suggest we maintain two branches of the site, a staging and a production one.
And the publication will be automatically done via svnpubsub.

Is there any objection regarding this setup ?

If we agree, we'll need new branches. I suggest to maintain Ant and Ivy separately so locally
we don't have the svn update much before generating html files.
Then the simplest move may be to:
* make ant/core/trunk/docs/ the staging website for Ant
* make ant/core/branches/ANT_SITE/docs/ the production website for Ant
* make ant/ivy/site/target the staging website for Ivy
* create a branch ant/ivy/site/production the production website for Ivy
Or we can change the layout:
* ant/site/core/sources
* ant/site/core/staging
* ant/site/core/production
* ant/site/ivy/sources
* ant/site/ivy/staging
* ant/site/ivy/production
But this would mean some tweaks in the current build of ant since the website is packaged
in the distribution.

Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas.


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