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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: Submitting EasyAnt project to Apache Software Foundation
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2010 10:45:31 GMT
Needless to say that I am highly supportive of this proposal, and I am willing to help in the

Following the incubator's doc [1], I would say that a good fit for a "Sponsor" would be Apache
Ant. We shall vote if there is no prior objection.

Then about Mentors and a Champion, I am not myself qualified, even if I am motivated.
So we are seeking here for a Champion and some Mentors :)



Le 11 nov. 2010 à 19:19, Jean-Louis Boudart a écrit :

> Hi,
> EasyAnt team would like to get more visibility and build a bigger community
> based on real "open source spirit". As we're already based on many Apache
> project (Ant + Ivy), it seems natural for us that Apache Software Foundation
> could be a good host for this.
> Before starting the proposal process (
> i would like to know if
> there is anybody here that can help us in this process.
> Project Context :
> -----------------
> Easyant is a build system based on Apache Ant and Apache Ivy.
> Our goals are :
>    * to leverage popularity and flexibility of Ant.
>    * to integrate Apache Ivy, such that the build system combines a
> ready-to-use dependency manager.
>    * to simplify standard build types, such as building web applications,
> JARs etc, by providing ready to use builds.
>    * to provide conventions and guidelines.
>    * to make plugging-in of fresh functionalities easy as writing simple
> Ant scripts as Easyant plugins.
> To still remain adaptable,
>    * Though Easyant comes with a lot of conventions, we never lock you in.
>    * Easyant allows you to easily extend existing modules or create and use
> your own modules.
>    * Easyant makes migration from Ant very simple. Your legacy Ant scripts
> could still be leveraged with Easyant.
> Legal part :
> ------------
> The code has been developed under the ASL2 license and by six developpers:
> Xavier Hanin, Jérôme Benois, Jason Trump, Siddhartha Purkayastha, Nicolas
> Lalevée and me. I've already discussed about this with our team, they are
> joining me in this request and are willing to sign any software grant paper
> necessary.
> -- 
> Jean Louis Boudart
> Independent consultant
> Project Lead

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