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From Jan Matèrne <>
Subject AW: Ant+Ivy session at Apache Barcamp
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2010 14:49:24 GMT
> I would assume that if dependencies between targets are properly set,
> and if it happens that the target dependency graph have two separates
> branch which are merging at some point, Ant would then be able to run
> those two separates branches in different threads, right ?
> I doubt there would be much improvement too with that kind of
> parallelism, most of the target graphs I have seen are quite linear:
> running test requires tests to be compiled, which requires the main
> java to be compiled, which requires an ivy resolve.
> When I saw real benefit of parallelism is when there are several
> different projects to build, like within hudson, which is kind of out
> of scope of ant itself (but maybe a fit in for EasyAnt :) ).

The ParallelExecutor in the sandbox
- sees each target as a building block which can be run in parallel
- starts each target if all prior targets (depends-attribute) have finished


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