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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Ivy and IvyDE release notes
Date Fri, 20 Aug 2010 13:49:14 GMT
I would like to make the release of Ivy and IvyDE easier.

Today the release notes of IvyDE are in different places:
* the raw list of bug fixes and new features is in CHANGES.txt
* there is a RELEASE_NOTES.txt which contains has soon as it is released:
** the list of bugs and features, copied from CHANGES.txt,
** the list of contributors, extracted from CHANGES.txt,
** a teaser of the new features, extracted from CHANGES.txt,
* there is a release_notes.html in doc in the release branch, which is a manual html adaptation
of the RELEASE_NOTES.txt

So first I would like to get rid of CHANGES.txt. Each bug fix or new feature, the committer
will be responsible to update the RELEASE_NOTES.txt/release-notes.html instead of the CHANGES.txt.
We could be also a little bit more verbose about the actual change made, like it is done for
Ant's WHATSNEW. We will loose the history of changes, but I don't think this is an issue.

Then there is the html versus the txt version. We should only keep one. I like having it online,
with links to Jira, so I would prefer having the html version.

Last but not least, there is exactly the same duplicates in Ivy release process. Do we want
to remove duplicates in Ivy release process too ?
I would like to.


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