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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Vote to promote VSS antlib out of sandbox
Date Wed, 25 Aug 2010 06:53:48 GMT
Hi all,

I've not been very active lately (for a variety of reasons) and I
realise that it's been a couple of years since we last had a vote on
the VSS antlib currently in sandbox limbo.

Given that MSDN licenses are available to apache committers, there's
now a chance that someone has access to a VSS install disk/iso and we
may therefore be able to find 3 committers willing to +1 this antlib.

- finally get it out of sandbox!
- in theory, close a few open bugzilla issues that are 'broken' in the
included versions of the tasks, but fixed in the antlib
- remove the vss tasks from the ant-core project and reduce our
dependencies (especially on 3rd party commercial software)
- in theory we can bring in other developers and give them commit
access just to this antlib (that was the point of antlibs after all)

- VSS has been superseded by TFS (which we will probably have to look
at supporting at some point)
- limited committer support at the last vote suggests that we may only
scrape together enough to promote out of sandbox, just to have a
committer leave and then we've effectively got an antlib with little

Anyway, enough talk.

The VSS antlib[1] should be promoted from sandbox
[ ] Yes
[ ] No, because...

and my +1



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