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From Nils Hoffmann <>
Subject Standalone ant+ivy multi module project
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2010 17:08:06 GMT
First of all, thank you for creating Ivy, it is such a great piece of
I'm currently trying to adapt my own project to use ant+Ivy and
therefore worked my way through the tutorials.

I played around with the multiproject tutorial
and extended it, to automatically resolve
ivy and install ivy, if it is not installed yet.

Additionally, I added a template project, which can be used
by calling
>ant createproject
to create a new project given the name that you enter on the
commandline. Everything else just works from there and is generated and
replaced automatically.

Is there a place, where I can upload the archived project for someone to
have a look at it? Or should I simply attach it to a mail?

I would be happy to see this published along with the tutorial, if you
think it fits, since it already contains all that is needed to get
started with ant+ivy (at least,
as far as I can tell right now) for modular projects.

Nils Hoffmann                            phone:    +49-521-106-3839
Universitaet Bielefeld                    room:             U10-139
Techn. Fakultaet, AG Genominformatik
33594 Bielefeld, Germany

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