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From <>
Subject AW: Distributing Docs: Manual or whole Site?
Date Tue, 20 Jul 2010 05:47:37 GMT
>> Should we generate an Eclipse plugin (for newer versions)?
>I'm not familiar with it in any way.  Does it still work with recent
>versions of Eclipse?  What does it do in the first place?

First it will scans the Ant manual table of content files by starting
from a given file - like like a spider. 
With the scanned information it generates a toc.xml which is needed for
Eclipse Help. 
It writes a plugin.xml with static content, too. (<m4e/>)

In a second step it checks the internal links and 'imports' external
files (mainly images from cover.html), so that these are included in the
EclipseHelp plugin too.

Scanning of the toc.html's depend on XML syntax, so I had updated
earlier versions (when I wrote these tasks). Not sure which was the
first version which works with these tasks.

Also the structure of the manual has changed recently (only one task
list). I think, this 'should' work, but tests are better ;-)

I'll try generating the help plugins ...


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