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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Manuals of Last Five Ant Releases
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 14:21:47 GMT

I don't really think this requires a vote since I've just repackaged
existing distributions (see buildfile at the end of the mail for
details), but it won't hurt.

In <> there are ZIP and
tar.gz/bz2 files containing the manuals of the releases 1.6.5 to 1.8.1.
The contents are similar to the manual tarballs that will be created by
the distribution target in trunk's build.xml.

I'd like to release those to the public, so please cast your vote:

[ ] +1 release them
[ ]  0 don't care
[ ] -1 no, don't release them

The plan is to create a manual directory inside Ant's distribution area
right next to the source and binaries directories and copy over all
files from <>.  In addition I'd
create -current symlinks just like we have for source and binaries.

Once the mirrors have picked up all files I'd delete the archives for
1.6.5 to 1.8.0 so they remain on only.

Furthermore I'll add a new download page for the manual and link to it
from the cover page ("if you are looking for an older version ...") and
the API docs page ("if you are looking for javadocs ...") of the Ant


PS: this is how I created the files, most of it stolen from trunk's

  <mkdir dir="work"/>
  <macrodef name="checksums-mvn" description="only md5 and sha1 are needed for the maven
directory structure">
    <element name="resources" implicit="true"/>
      <checksum algorithm="md5">
      <checksum algorithm="sha1">
  <macrodef name="checksums">
    <element name="resources" implicit="true"/>
      <checksum fileext=".sha512" algorithm="sha-512">
  <macrodef name="get-and-zip">
    <attribute name="version"/>
      <get src="{version}-bin.tar.bz2"
      <untar src="work/apache-ant-@{version}-bin.tar.bz2" dest="work"
      <mkdir dir="work/manual"/>
      <zip destfile="work/manual/apache-ant-@{version}">
        <zipfileset dir="work/apache-ant-@{version}/docs/manual"
        <zipfileset file="work/apache-ant-@{version}/NOTICE"
      <tar longfile="gnu"
        <tarfileset dir="work/apache-ant-@{version}/docs/manual"
        <tarfileset file="work/apache-ant-@{version}/NOTICE"
      <gzip destfile="work/manual/apache-ant-@{version}-manual.tar.gz"
      <bzip2 destfile="work/manual/apache-ant-@{version}-manual.tar.bz2"
      <delete file="work/manual/apache-ant-@{version}-manual.tar"/>
  <get-and-zip version="1.6.5"/>
  <get-and-zip version="1.7.0"/>
  <get-and-zip version="1.7.1"/>
  <get-and-zip version="1.8.0"/>
  <get-and-zip version="1.8.1"/>
    <fileset dir="work/manual/">
      <exclude name="**/*.asc"/>
      <exclude name="**/*.md5"/>
      <exclude name="**/*.sha1"/>
      <exclude name="**/*.sha512"/>

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