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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: missing extension-point behaviour
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2010 06:59:15 GMT
On 2010-06-19, Danny Yates wrote:

> I've made some changes to add an "extension-point-missing" attribute which
> takes values:

>    - "error" - the current behaviour (and default if the attribute is
>    missing)
>    - "warn" - log a warning and ignore (see next)
>    - "ignore" - don't stop or warn, and don't add the extension target as a
>    dependency of the (non-existent) extension point

Sounds reasonable - one could argue about the name and see whether there
is anything that better matches existing names in Ant, but that's a
different issue.

> I'd like to submit this patch for consideration for Ant 1.8.2. How do I go
> about doing that?

You've done everything exactly the way it should be: Prepare a patch
against svn trunk, ideally containing test cases and documentation, open
a bugzilla issue and attach it there.  Discuss your proposal on this

Now let's wait to see whether any of the other developers has an opinion
on it as well.


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