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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject A performance issue in 'restrict'
Date Mon, 14 Jun 2010 17:28:17 GMT
When working on IvyDE's build to get dependencies from Eclipse mirrors, I tried to use resourcelist,
as documented in the examples of the doc [1].

But it was very slow because Ant is checking every urls and some mirrors are not very responsive.
So I had to workaround and filter the urls to select only the first one and hoping it is available:

<copy todir="${basedir}">
                <!-- get the xml mirror list -->
                <url url="${}?file=@{dropdir}/@{file}&amp;protocol=http&amp;format=xml"
                <filterchain> <!-- change the xml into flat url list -->
                        <regexp pattern="^.*mirror url=&quot;([^&quot;]*)&quot;.*$"
                        <replaceregex pattern="^.*mirror url=&quot;([^&quot;]*)&quot;.*$"
replace="\1" flags="gi" />
                    <headfilter lines="1" /> <!-- HACK to force Ant to not check
every urls -->
            <exists/> <!-- restrict to only responsive mirror--> 
    </first> <!-- copy the first responsive one -->
    <flattenmapper/> <!-- avoid the useless creation of folders-->

I looked into the code, it seems is the culprit.
It uses BaseResourceCollectionWrapper which loads the entire underlying resource collection.
I searched for the use of BaseResourceCollectionWrapper in Ant and I think that this performance
issue may also affect and

I started to think about a fix but it seems non trivial. If I'm not mistaken we would have
to implement an iterator which should deal with an optionnal cache and concurrency.
I am also worried about the isFilesystemOnly implementation in Restrict. Should it return
true if actually selected resources are files, or return true if the entire set of candidates
are files ? In the first case it would make the iterator useless.

Side note: I didn't checked that piece of script in as our Hudson instance doesn't have Ant
1.8 installed. Not yet. I'll ask for it.



PS: I started recently to intensively use loadresource and all the resource related stuff
in my build scripts, it is amazingly porwerful ! It reminds me when I was 'pipelining' in
cocoon ;)

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