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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject [VOTE] Remove commercial tasks from Ant
Date Sat, 19 Jun 2010 18:38:54 GMT
Ant supplies several tasks that require commercial software in order to 
run. This is a problem because the Ant developers do not typically have 
access to the commercial products required to test, maintain, and 
enhance the tasks. It also means that users downloading the binary 
edition of Ant end up with a lot of tasks that they cannot use.

In order to rectify this situation, I'm calling a vote on how to deal 
with these unsupportable tasks. The vote is composed of two parts: 
should we drop support for each of these tasks from the Ant release, and 
should we establish the commercial tasks that have been dropped as 
Antlibs in the sandbox.

1. Should the following commercial tasks be dropped from being 
distributed with the Ant release?

[  ]  Continuous/Synergy tasks:  CCMCheckin, CCMCheckout, 
CCMCheckinTask, CCMReconfigure, CCMCreateTask
[  ]  Clearcase tasks: CCCheckin, CCCheckout, CCUnCheckout, CCUpdate, 
CCMklbtype, CCMklabel, CCRmtype, CCLock, CCUnlock, CCMkbl, CCMkattr, 
CCMkdir, CCMkelem
[  ]  Perforce Tasks: P4Sync, P4Change, P4Edit, P4Submit, P4Have, 
P4Label, P4Labelsync, P4Counter, P4Reopen, P4Revert, P4Add, P4Delete, 
P4Integrate, P4Resolve, P4Fstat
[  ]  PVCS
[  ]  ServerDeploy, but only for the jonas and weblogic nested elements, 
generic can stay where it is.
[  ]  Source Offsite: sosget, soslabel, soscheckin, soscheckout
[  ]  Microsoft Visual SourceSafe (already an Antlib)

2. Should the commercial tasks that are voted for dropping from Ant core 
above be established in their own Antlibs in the sandbox?

[  ]  +1 = Yes, establish one new Antlib in the sandbox for each task 
       -1 = No, just drop the commercial tasks altogether from Ant

Note that question 1 is a  vote for code modification, so any -1 vote on 
question 1 is considered a veto. Question 2 is just for guidance from 
the community about whether there is a desire to keep the commercial 
tasks around in Antlibs. Since any committer can create a sandbox Antlib 
at any time, the vote is non-binding and any -1 vote just indicates that 
the voter does not think that this is a good idea rather than being a veto.

Three or more +1 votes with no -1 votes are required for dropping any of 
the commercial tasks. The vote will end in one week.

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