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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: JAI and NetRexx in fetch.xml (Was: Ant source structure and ant*.jar build products)
Date Wed, 19 May 2010 22:17:28 GMT
On 19/05/2010 11:27 AM, Gilles Scokart wrote:
> For JAI, note that the maven distribution is just the pom, with an url that
> that should be used manually.

I did notice this on ibiblio when I went to actually implement the 
target in fetch.xml, but I also found the full jar file in the JBoss 
public maven repository so I've used that. I may change over to an FTP 
version once I do NetRexx, since it seems a little presumptious to just 
start using Red Hat's resources on non-Red Hat projects.

> For NetREXX, there is :
> 4. make copies of the original file you downloaded and distribute
>            it, provided that you transfer a copy of this license to the
>            other party. The other party agrees to these terms by its
>            first use of the Program.

You only have to worry about that if you are distributing the file. We 
are not. We are providing a convenience script so that users can 
download it for themselves.

I guess I could make the fetch.xml copy the license file out of the 
downloaded ZIP and put it somewhere, just as a courtesy. Where should it 
go? Wherever the JAR file gets copied to? The ANT_HOME directory with 
the NOTICE file?

> There is also :
> You are responsible for the payment of any taxes resulting from
>         this license.
> I'm not sure if the You would be the end user or the ASF.

Again, nothing to do with the ASF because the user is going directly to 
IBM to get the software. If you like, I can add to the manual a note 
that when using fetch.xml the user is responsible for following all the 
terms of the licenses the software is distributed under.

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