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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: Ant source structure and ant*.jar build products
Date Mon, 17 May 2010 20:49:07 GMT
On 16/05/2010 9:35 PM, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> If you wanted to merge ant.jar with ant-nodeps.jar (which would be fine
> with me) we should probably move all tasks included from optional to
> core inside the manual as well since the distinction would make even
> less sense after that.

+1. Then the only distinction would be the package they live in.

>> or move the corresponding tasks to an antlib if nonfree JARs are
>> involved.
> Even though I like the idea, I'm afraid we won't manage to split out
> Antlibs that stood any chance of getting three +1s when it comes to a
> release.  We've tried so for VSS and some other of the SCM tasks and
> failed.  I doubt we'd be able to manage a JAI or NetREXX Antlib.

I think that JAI and NetREXX are different in that people can freely get 
access to them. The problem with the SCM tasks is that they require 
commercial software that we don't have access to. No one is going to 
feel comfortable voting +1 for a move like that if they can't support 
it. I'll talk about the tasks for commercial products in a separate email.

BTW, I have access to VSS now, so you can count on me for a +1 if there 
is another vote to move it to an Antlib.

Also BTW, why aren't NetREXX and JAI available through fetch.xml? JAI 
appears to be available through maven now[1]. There is an ftp-able file 
on IBM for NetREXX[2], and I see nothing in the license[3] to suggest 
that downloading it directly would be a problem. We would just need to 
modify fetch.xml to get it directly. If there are no objections I'll 
volunteer to make that change.


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