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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: Bug 49261 - <copy> and Read-Only Destination Files
Date Fri, 07 May 2010 15:39:24 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> Hi all,
> it seems we have a difference in behavior between FileChannel and
> FileOutputStream that manifests itself in <copy>.
> When using streams - i.e. Ant prior to 1.8.0 or when filtering - Ant
> will happiliy overwrite read-only destination files if the source file
> is newer.  When using channels it will throw an exception (Access
> denied).
> First of all I must admit that I like the idea of not overwriting
> read-only files better than the old behavior.
> Independent of that we should make sure <copy> behaves consistently, it
> shouldn't matter whether there are filters or not.
> We can certainly get the old behavior back into the NIO branch by
> deleting any existing dest file first - if we can't do that, then we are
> out of luck, I guess.  We could fall back to the stream code in that
> case.
> I see several options:
> (1) make the NIO code behave like the stream code and always overwrite
>     read-only files if the source is newer (or the overwrite attribute
>     has been set).
>     Basically - recreate the Ant behavior pre-1.8.0.
> (2) Add a new attribute that controls whether read-only files should be
>     overwritten (let's rely on File.canWrite).
>     What should be its default value?  What would be its name?
> (3) Make the existing overwrite atribute control whether read-only files
>     will be replaced.
> Personally I prefer (2) and wouldn't want to overwrite read-only files
> by default.  overwrite would be a wonderful name for the attribute but I
> don't want to combine the "even if the destination is more current"
> logic into it.  Hmm, force like in "cp -f"?
Sounds good. I think also that having an explicit attribute to control 
whether one wants to overwrite read only files is nice.
Agree also that defaulting to not overwrite read only files is good.
> What do you prefer?
> Stefan


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