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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: [IVY] status update for IvyDE 2.1.0 ??
Date Mon, 10 May 2010 11:37:01 GMT

Le 7 mai 2010 à 18:57, Jon Schneider a écrit :

> Erik,
> I don't believe it should be released with this regression either.
> Nicholas,
> I am struggling to understand what led you to believe that changing the
> resolve mode to dynamic would address the issue in IVYDE-212 which does not
> outwardly appear to be related to revConstraint.
> I tried to recreate the issue after eliminating the line in
> WorkspaceIvySettings setting the default resolve mode to dynamic, and cannot
> reproduce the behavior that the reporter describes.  Maybe I am missing
> something that you could shed more light on?

I think you can reproduce it with the test projects I have checked in at rev 897506.

But effectively the fix I did was probably not correct.

My problem was that the revision constraints were not took into account. And the fix is to
enable the dynamic resolve mode. But I think my mistake is to have changed it in the settings
wrapper used by the workspace resolver rather that the main ivysettings.xml. And actually
I did changed it in my project some days later for similar issues in my hudson instance.

So yes, I will revert my commit.

And thank you for raising this issue Erik.


> Jon
> On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 5:54 AM, Scheper, Erik-Berndt <
>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Is there any news about the official release of IvyDE 2.1.0? I believe the
>> vote expired a long time ago.
>> Nevertheless, I believe that the latest 2.1.0 candidate build contains a
>> critical regression bug.
>> See my comments on
>> This change should at least be added to the release notes, since many users
>> will be affected by this unfortunate change in behaviour. Another thing I
>> dislike very much is that the default behaviour of IvyDE is now different
>> from that of command-line Ivy (via Ant) which still has the 'default'
>> defaultResolveMode.
>> Regards,
>> Erik-Berndt Scheper
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