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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: [Vote] Augment feature
Date Mon, 19 Apr 2010 14:58:29 GMT
  <augment> can change properties that are coded as attributes, but
only interacts with nested elements by adding new children to a given
reference.  The task as it stands is extremely, extremely simple.  Any
restrictions we care to impose would complicate it immensely--I would
again urge that we consider addressing this universally for all
"attack vectors" by creating a task to "armor" a reference.  In my
copious spare time (ha) I may start a sandbox antlib for that purpose.
 Thanks for not wanting to be a blocker.  :)


On 4/18/10, Martijn Kruithof <> wrote:
> Hello
> I have quite some difficulties with the discrepancy of the name of the
> task and that what the task is about to do.
> Therefore, using the current name and functionality I would cast a -0,5
> vote, as i do not want to be blocking.
> I can see the desire for a task that changes predeclared id's.
> My objection against the current name comes from the fact that the task
> not only augments (basically adds, increases, stretches, enlarges etc.)
> things but it is used to change the path at will.
> On the other hand I think free modification of references seems like a
> giant pitfall in the following situations:
>   - when used in combination with <parrallel>
>   - when related tasks in a script expect the same elements present on
> the path
> If the augment task was used to do only what its name implies (extend)
> and not to reduce less problems could be expected.
> Therefore I would be in favour of an <augment> feature if it can only be
> used to augment (and not change at will).
> On 14-4-2010 0:34, Bruce Atherton wrote:
>> Ok, so this didn't start out as a vote thread, just my suggestion for
>> what questions should appear in the vote. But since it has morphed
>> into that I've changed the subject line to make it easier for people
>> to find. So the questions are:
>> 1. Are you in favor of adding the augment feature to Ant?
> -0,5 : Non blocking negative look. +1 if augment is only used to augment
> (increase, extend, combine, add to the existing)
>> 2. Are you in favor of an attribute that allows references to be
>> marked as final, to avoid augmentation?
>> 3. If a final attribute is decided upon, do you think it should
>> default to "false"?
>> If you have already voted, no need to recast your vote.
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