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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject [Result][Vote] Augment feature
Date Tue, 20 Apr 2010 20:46:37 GMT
I lost my email server for a few days, so I can only now close the vote 
and post the results. I believe that between my returned email feed and 
the record of posts on MarkMail[1] I have all the results. If you feel 
your vote was missed, let me know.

On question 1, whether to adopt the augment feature code, we had:

7 votes for +1 from Jean Louis, Matt, Bruce, Stefan, Jan, Dominque, Antoine
1 vote for -0.5 from Martijn

With more than 3 +1 binding votes and no -1 vetos, the motion passes.

On question 2, whether to have a final attribute, the vote was:

1 votes for +1 from Jean Louis
3 votes for +0 from Jan, Dominique, Antoine
3 votes for -0 from Matt, Bruce, Stefan

Without the 3 +1 binding votes required, the motion fails.

The failure of the second question makes the third moot, but for the 
sake of history, the result of making the final attribute defualt to 
false was:

6 votes for +1 from Jean Louis, Matt, Bruce, Jan, Dominique, Antoine
1 vote for +0 from Stefan

So the augmentation feature is voted in with +7 positive votes and -0.5 
negative ones. The final attribute fails, and the default value of the 
final attribute is rendered moot.

Thanks everyone for voting.


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