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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: Augment feature
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 23:03:30 GMT
Jean-Louis Boudart wrote:
> I think the idea of implementing an augment features (idea initiated by Matt
> Benson as described
> in the
> previous thread)  make sense.
> This idea was to provide a task that allows augmentation of previously
> declared references.
> There is many places where it can be useful, and as far as i know nobody was
> opposed on the main idea.
> By the way there was one point still in discussion lost in the whole thread.
> Many person was in favor of an opt-in approach to keep backward
> compatibility.
> I guess, you can only use <augment> feature on references that as been
> designed for extention (by adding an argument like final="false" on the
> reference for example).
> Antoine Levy Lamber was highlighting that ant datatypes are currently
> de-facto mutable by default. And maybe we were complexifying too much this
> feature.
Maybe you could spread the discussion in two different parts :

- adding an augment task
- adding a new attribute final to datatypes

With AspectJ it would be possible to add an attribute final and make it 
be really enforced by all tasks.

I am reluctant for complex features also because I am afraid we could 
start something that we will not have the time to finish 100% and will 
deliver with bugs.
> The objective of this thread is to take a decision on :
>    - restriction on augment feature
>    - and if the vote is in favor to choose one implementation design to do
>    it
> So, What's your opinion ?
> Should we introduce kind of restriction on the <augment> feature  (like
> "final=false") ? Or should we keep this usable on ALL existing reference ?
> If the answer is yes How would you like to we restrict this ?
>    - by adding a new attribute (like final="false") on datatype ?
>    - by adding magic properties ?
>    - taking in consideration that taks and types are java objects, can we
> reuse a java property "final" as a configuration attribute?
>     Exemple:    private final String myProperty;
>    - with another alternative ?
> IMHO the augment feature can live without any restriction.
> As highlighted by Antoine, with current code base "reference can be modified
> by user developed ant tasks or script fragments."
> But, it could make sense to provide a way to make reference unmutable. Doing
> this a given reference cannot be modified by <augment> task (or by any user
> developped ant task / script fragment).
> For example :
>     - if you design a target (or a datatype) used in a multithread context
> you probably don't want to make it extensible (because it's gonna be a hell
> to maintain).
>     - if you are designing kind of generic build file, you may want to have
> part of this generic stuff extensible but maybe you want to restrict
> extension on some of your targets/datatypes that are deeply used internally.
> Part of the generic script can be kind of "blackbox".
Maybe this means that there should be private references which are only 
accessible within a certain scope.
If I understand well, in easyant you develop standard build files, which 
contain datatype instances with id(s)
and you do not want your users to fiddle with these datatype instances.

Even if there is an attribute "final", users who want to change the 
datatype instances will find a way around it.
Unless the enforcement of final="true" is at the java runtime level (for 
instance with AspectJ).
> About implementation details, i would be in favor of adding a new attribute
> to datatypes (like final="true"), cause it make it easy to understand /
> read.
> Considering that current code base allow to modify any references and to
> avoid any side effect, i suggest to make the make this restriction optional
> .
> I guess if you want to make a reference unmuttable you should set it
> explicitly (with a final="true").
> <!-- Example of an unmuttable reference -->
> <myDataType id="my.reference" final="true"/>
> In any case i really hope to use the <augment> feature soon in easyant :).
> My 2 cents

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