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From Serge K <>
Subject Getting Ivy dependency tree from Ant target
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2010 15:19:01 GMT
I’m trying to migrate from proprietary build system to Ant/Ivy.

The application has over 600 modules to build and package.
Most of the modules have dependencies on other modules
i.e. build of one top level module should invoke build and packaging a  
tree of dependent modules.

Is there a way to retrieve dependencies declared in Ivy config files  
from Ant target during the build so that Ant can rebuild dependent  

To my understanding Ivy just fetches prebuilt versions of modules and  
can not be used from Ant
<target name=""  

I don’t want to have duplicate declarations of the same dependencies  
in Ivy for packaging
and then in “depends” attribute of Ant targets for build.

I went over Ivy API and source code. No help.

It seems I’d need to code external component that parses Ivy modules,
loads dependency tree and invokes Ant to build each dependent module.
Then use Ivy to fetch prebuilt modules and package them.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
Serge K.
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