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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Introduction and possible new feature for Ant
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 05:19:15 GMT
Hi Clark

On 2010-03-09, Clark Archer <> wrote:

> I'd like to introduced myself to the Ant dev list.  My name is Clark Archer
> and I'm a software developer working in Austin, Texas, USA.  I've been using
> Ant for about 7 years now and wanted to give something back so I thought I'd
> join the dev mailing list and get involved.


> I've developed a new feature inspired by the old Eclipse JUnit Max plugin
> (no longer available).  Taking the new FailureRecorder as an example, I have
> coded up a HistoryRecorder which builds a simple text file containing a
> history of up to the last 100 executions for each test class/suite.  I track
> pass/fail and execution time for each test class and update the history file
> at the end of each <junit /> task.

This sounds interesting.  Despite all the hate XML gets it may be a more
suitable format, though.  You could add more structured data and create
all sorts of reports later.

What would a snippet of such a file look like?

> I have also modified the BatchTest to use this history to optimize the test
> execution order based on a few heuristics with the goal of providing quick
> feedback to the developer.  Newly modified tests run first followed by tests
> which failed the last build.  There are a couple of more checks which
> promote tests towards the front of the batch: tests with little history,
> tests which fail more frequently, faster tests run before slower tests.


> I'm interested in getting some feedback on this feature as well as discuss
> some of the design decisions regarding the overloading of the nested <format
> /> attribute.   I discovered that the taskEnded life-cycle method of
> ProjectComponent is not called when the tests are running from
> JUnitTestRunner in a forked VM and came up with a solution (add more
> life-cycle methods and avoid implementing ProjectComponent).  Not perfect
> but it enables "recorders" to work correctly in a forked VM.

Could you expand on this a little - maybe in a separate thread?  It
sounds like a bug.

> I'd be interested in bringing my code up to standard and contributing this
> feature to Ant.  Is there someone who would be willing to work with me as a
> mentor on this?


We usually do all our discussions and design work on this list.  At the
very least the result of any sort of consensus that has been created off
list will be brought back here for the remaining people to review and
comment.  This sounds more difficult than it actually is, IMHO the Ant
community is a very friendly one.  The best way it to just jump in.


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