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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Introduction and possible new feature for Ant
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 05:33:25 GMT
On 2010-03-10, Clark Archer <> wrote:

> I don't mind working on bugs at all.

This is likely the best way to understand Ant's internals.

> Are there any particular bugs to work on or should I just register for
> an account in the bug tracking system and try assigning one to myself?

I'm not aware of any particular bug.  We usually don't assign bugs in
bugzilla, I think this feature is even disabled in our installation by
now.  Most bugs are pretty old so it is very unlikely you'd be colliding
with anybody else.  The best way may be if you comment on the issue
you'd like to work on and you'll be told if anybody else is
(semi-)actively looking into it.

Start with something that you are familiar with or that you find
interesting yourself. Maybe you have access to a specific platform or
third party software that is required to verify a bug and its fix ...

If you don't add yourself to the CC-list of a bug, subscribe to the list to make sure you see all comments.
You may want to subscribe to that list anyway.

Once you have a fix, attach it as a patch to the issue and a [PATCH]
prefix to the issue's subject and add the PatchAvailable keyword - after
that you'll likely have to chase down a committer on this list to get
things moving.

> I also haven't been able to find Ant-specific coding standards/formatting
> rules (other than the Ant Ivy project).  I'll take another look.

I think we have a "Sun coding conventions" sentence somewhere.  There
aren't any strong rules, mostly "stick to the style you find when
modifying an existing file" and "don't use tabs".  There is a checkstyle
configuration in Ant's source tree (in src/etc/checkstyle).


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