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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: Introduction and possible new feature for Ant
Date Tue, 09 Mar 2010 23:17:01 GMT
Clark Archer wrote:
> I don't mind working on bugs at all.  So far most of my knowledge of ant
> internals is centered around the JUnitTask and JUnitTestRunner classes but
> I'm willing to learn.  Are there any particular bugs to work on or should I
> just register for an account in the bug tracking system and try assigning
> one to myself?
There is no rule about which bug to work on but you can open the page which contains a number of links
with the bugs ordered by number of votes or by priority. BTW I think 
there are bug reports concerning JUnit and JUnitReport.
> I also haven't been able to find Ant-specific coding standards/formatting
> rules (other than the Ant Ivy project).  I'll take another look.
the formatting rules are close to what Eclipse or IntelliJ offer by 
At the moment we try to be still JDK 1.4 compatible. I think our 
programming style is quite simple.
Classes, public and protected methods should have javadoc comments.
> Thanks,
> -Clark A.


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