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From Jean-Louis Boudart <>
Subject EasyAnt 0.7 Released !
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2010 22:52:43 GMT
The EasyAnt <> project is pleased to
announce its 0.7 version.

Easyant is a build system, that is based on Apache Ant and Apache Ivy.

Our goals are :

   - to leverage popularity and flexibility of Ant.
   - to integrate Apache Ivy, such that the build system combines a
   ready-to-use dependency manager.
   - to simplify standard build types, such as building web applications,
   JARs etc, by providing ready to use builds.
   - to provide conventions and guidelines.
   - to make plugging-in of fresh functionalities easy as writing simple Ant
   scripts as Easyant plugins.

To still remain adaptable,

   - Though Easyant comes with a lot of conventions, we never lock you in.
   - Easyant allows you to easily extend existing modules or create and use
   your own modules.
   - Easyant makes migration from Ant very simple. Your legacy Ant scripts
   could still be leveraged with Easyant.

What's new in 0.7?

   - use latest official ant (no more a patched version)
   - refactor antcontrib usage, antcontrib is now considered as a dependency
   of easyant-core
   - add the capabilty to override target/phases defined in module.ivy
   - enhanced multimodule support
   - full support for all standard build phases
      - full support for Ivy descriptor "extends"
      - build-scoped repository should allow overwrites (#74)
      - meta-build: better support for custom ivysettings.xml (#75)
   - use two cache instance (one for easyant plugins/buildtypes, one for
   - use cache by default instead of retrieving in lib directory
   - simplify version management : uses revision attribute in module.ivy
   instead of a specific property (#81)
   - simplify syntax of easyant tags, plugins/buildtypes now support two
   ways to be imported (#84):
   - using mrid

      <plugin mrid="org.apache.easyant.plugins#run-java;0.1"/>

      - using exploded style

      <plugin org="org.apache.easyant.plugins" module="run-java"

      - support Shortcut on buildtypes / plugins / skeletons in mrid style
   - make the help more helpful (#13) introduce new useful command line
   lines switches (listTargets, listPlugins, listPhases, listProps, describe)
   - add validation on easyant config files
   - refactor the repository structure : default plugins/buildtypes are now
   shipped in easyant-core.jar, additional plugins are now shipped in
   easyant-extra-plugins.jar (#80)
   - add support for provided artifacts (#83)
   - performance improvement
   - javadoc/scaladoc are no more imported in default buildtypes
   - enhanced clean cache mechanism (can now clean easyant-cache or project
   cache) (#79, #80)
   - add default skeleton for :
   - standard java application
      - standard java webapplication
   - add new plugins
   - a small webstart plugins (Thanks to Nicolas Gapaillard for the contrib
      - docbook plugin (#62)
      - cobertura coverage plugin / "abstract-coverage" support (#67)
      - a new build type for easyant plugin (simplify easyant plugin
      development) #85
   - improve skeleton plugin (#86)
   - add support for LICENSE/NOTICE files in package-jar / package-war
   plugins (#87)
   - support executable jar attributes in manifest plugin (#76)
   - several bugfix on
   - emma
      - cobertura
      - junit (#78)
      - javadoc (#77)
      - xooki / eadoc

The plugin code has become stable, but you can still expect changes before
the final release.

Issues should be reported to:

Retrieve sources from the 0.7 release files at:

Or download the 0.7 release files at:

Online documentation is now accessible through :

More information can be found on the Easyant website:

Regards, Jean Louis Boudart

Jean Louis Boudart
Independent consultant
Project Lead

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