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From Maarten Coene <>
Subject Re: IvyDE 2.1.0 Release
Date Wed, 03 Feb 2010 21:38:45 GMT

I'm a bit confused. Did you build a IvyDE 2.1.0-RC1, or did you build IvyDE 2.1.0 final?

I have some questions/remarks:
- the binary distribution files don't have a seperate doc folder (like the ivyde-2.0 binary
distributions), the documentation structure starts directly at the root
- what is the purpose of the file '' in your ivyde-2.1.0 directory?

If you did build the IvyDE 2.1.0-final:
- the version of the ivyde plugin on the update site doesn't has a "final" in it's name (which
was the case with previous ivyde releases). If I'm not mistaken there was a reason to include
this "final" in the version, but I can't remember what is was.

There is no need to announce this to the ivy-user list before there has been a vote on this
list ...


----- Original Message ----
From: Jon Schneider <>
To: Ant Developers List <>
Sent: Wed, February 3, 2010 3:41:14 PM
Subject: IvyDE 2.1.0 Release

I have built a release candidate for IvyDE 2.1.0. You can download the
distribution at [1].  A staging updatesite has been deployed at [2].

I went through the whole set of documentation and corrected spelling and
grammar and made a few clarifying points here and there.

I've signed the artifacts, but seeing as I'm kind of new here, nobody else
has signed my key.  I'm not sure how picky folks will be about this.  If it
will be a problem, somebody else can sign it before the deployment of the
final build.  Should we announce the release candidate on ivy-user prior to
a vote on the final release?




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