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From Wascally Wabbit <>
Subject Questions about new (1.8) PropertyHelper+pals...
Date Fri, 08 Jan 2010 23:24:38 GMT
Hello all--

I've just reviewed the latest Ant trunk (1.8RC1 I believe) to estimate
how much effort it would take to port my extensions (esp. those
dependent on the 1.7x PropertyHelper implementation). For this class
I have a few questions about current code:

1) No way for an evaluator to test if it's already installed as
getDelegates() is protected and there is no public getEvaluators()

2) Still no way to have PropertyHelpers passed through to subprojects
automatically (all configuration lost). [See Project.initSubproject]

3) Even with the current rework, installing a recursive property
evaluator requires that I replace the entire PropertyHelper because:
   1) The ParseProperties utility is created directly by the helper
      and that's where the algorithm basically lies. I would be nice
      to replace just *this* bit...
   2) The ParseProperties seems to be assuming a sequential walk thru
      the input string (it moves from left->right first getting a
      property name then mapping that name to a value...) Maybe I'm
      missing something here (I hope)?...

Any feedback would be appreciated!

-The Wabbit

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