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From Antoine Levy Lambert <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] release ant 1.8.0RC1
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 21:39:27 GMT
Bruce Atherton wrote:
> Just minor nits in the release notes, nothing important enough to hold 
> anything up:
> 1. On the line describing <componentdef>, we have:
>    This method is now used to define conditions, selectors and selectors.
> Was the second selectors meant to be filtersets?
I do not know as I did not write componentdef. It is mysterious for me 
how componentdef works, because I have seen that the Definer class has a 
setRestrict method which sets a boolean restrict, but I did not see 
where this boolean is read ?

> 2. This is just a style issue:
>    Remove fall-back mechanism for references that are not resolved 
> during normal runtime execution.
> That is a technical description that gives the user no clue as to how 
> they might be affected.
I suppose the users may see build files which were working with a 
warning that references had been found at parsetime only not working any 
> 3. In the section about globmapper not working properly, things appear 
> to have gone a little wonky in the HTML. I assume this is a wiki -> 
> HTML issue. The first * renders as <em>. The second one renders as </em>.
Let me fix that.
> And on a personal note, my god that is a lot of changes. We definitely 
> need to release more often. Thanks Antoine (and Stefan if you are 
> helping) for doing it now.
You welcome. Stefan is inspiring me. Thanks to all who did the changes too !
> +1 to release as a RC.


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