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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject ant-git antlib initial commit
Date Thu, 24 Dec 2009 09:39:45 GMT

I've been toying with git for a little while and I thought it was
about time we had some way of connecting ant to git (initially just to
pull sources out of a git repository, but in the future to also
support push operations too).

I've just committed a few hours work into the sandbox/antlibs area in
svn (the irony of using svn to host code for git is not lost).

This version relies on git being configured correctly on the command
line.  I wouldn't mind expanding the antlib to be compatible with
egit/jgit to in the future.

Feel free to critique/bemoan the cut-paste nature of the code ;)

I'm hoping that with a git antlib I can force through the adoption of
git internally for new projects, so I am very happy to sponsor this,
but of course I would welcome help from other contributors to ensure a
healthy community.

The initial commit supports:
* clone

I will be working on fetch and writing docs today/tomorrow (yay
Christmas means I can actually do OS stuff without being hassled!)

Have fun with this,

Merry Christmas/Yuletide/Holidays etc

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