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From <>
Subject AW: svn commit: r893073 - in /ant/core/trunk/docs/manual: conceptstypeslist.html targets.html using.html usinglist.html
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 08:20:44 GMT
>Added: ant/core/trunk/docs/manual/targets.html
>+  <p>Targets can depend on other targets and Ant ensures that these
>+    other targets have been executed before the current target.  For
>+    example you might have a target for compiling, for example, and a

I deleted the 2nd "example".

>+  <p>It is a good practice to place
>+    your <a href="CoreTasks/tstamp.html">tstamp</a> tasks in a
>+    so-called <i>initialization</i> target, on which all other targets
>+    depend. Make sure that target is always the first one in the
>+    depends list of the other targets. In this manual, most
>+    initialization targets have the
>+    name <code>&quot;init&quot;</code>.</p>

What about constructs like <project><tstamp/>  ?

>+  <p>A target name can be any alphanumeric string valid in the
>+    encoding of the XML file. The empty string &quot;&quot; is in this
>+    set, as is comma &quot;,&quot; and space &quot; &quot;.  Please
>+    avoid using these, as they will not be supported in future Ant
>+    versions because of all the confusion they cause. IDE support of
>+    unusual target names, or any target name containing spaces, varies
>+    with the IDE.</p>

Added a word about blank on commandline.

>+  <p>Targets beginning with a hyphen such
>+    as <code>&quot;-restart&quot;</code> are valid, and can be used
>+    name targets that should not be called directly from the command
>+    line.</p>

Added a word about hyphen on commandline.

Nice description.
I am not familiar with that part of the codebase, but it sounds good.

Should we add call graphs?
1) For the first example (simple targets A..D)
2) conditional target
   myTarget.check --> maybe(myTarget)
3) target group
   create-directory-layout --> 'empty slot' --> compile
   create-directory-layout --> generate-sources  --> compile


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