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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Tentative 1.8.0 Release Proposal
Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 15:33:35 GMT
When I first seriously thought about volunteering as 1.8.0 release
manager it was late this summer and I thought I'd write a mail like this
in September.  Life interfered and there've been way more changes in
trunk than I initially thought, so now its almost christmas.

What I'd like to propose is mainly the usual release process we've
performed in the past as well, with a few tweaks: right now I wouldn't
create any branch (that can happen later) and I'd skip all alpha and
beta stages and start with a release candidate build right away.

Given that we still have to decide a naming issue (and write
documentation for the feature currently known as target-group) it's not
quite possible to set dates.  Hanukkah (almost over, right?), Christmas
and the New Year are certainly not going to make this easier.

If I'd be the one to create the release, I'll need some help by Kev
and/or Antoine to become able to compile the optional tasks with
commercial dependencies.  That being said, if Antoine wants to take
things over, I'll happily let him do so.

Sketch of a plan that could work:

* decide on a name for target-group: Dec 22

* build 1.8.0 RC1 and call for a vote on it: Dec 23

* release 1.8.0 RC1: not earlier than Dec 30, more likely early January

* build and vote on 1.8.0 final: three weeks after the release of RC1
  unless serious bugs turn up.

  Given that our users historically don't test RCs, it is pretty
  unlikely that the serious bugs will get noticed by then 8-)

Personally I'd love to come to shorter release cycles after that, more
like every three or four months - but see first paragraph.


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