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From Raja Nagendra Kumar <>
Subject Ant properties access based Object notation rather than script based
Date Tue, 08 Dec 2009 04:51:35 GMT


My thoughts are still vague.. thought to share this with ant dev and making
it better based on all your reply..

Currently I see the toughest thing in managing the huge ant scripts is
remembering property names and referencing to them.

The issues I see are 
1. properties can be declared though <property> tag which are global and
readonly nature. Global nature has huge impact on choosing the names. To an
extent we could control to this though names such as compile.classpath etc..
i.e using the . as seperator
2. Many properties could also be declared though  custom tasks
Many new properties may be declared through java interfaces constants..
however one has to remember their names when referred with in ant script.
Many chances are there that the name may get changed in interface value but
not in script.

In this context was thinking is there a way/or think of a new feature to
declare ant properties as interface constants/enums in java and refer them
through the interface only.. many be though class import and referring them
directly (not using the <script> tag or <groovy>).


I have a java interface

package custom.task.consts;
public interface PathConsts
    String JME_CP = "jme.cp";


in the ant script build.xml

import com.task.consts. PathConsts;
    classpath="%%JME_CP"> refer the property value of ant property

<classpath id="%JME_CP"> to refer to the value of const which is jme.cp

The same logic could be applied to all the properties which are declared
though <property> task. i.e give a interface constant notation to every
property which is declared so that errors can be caught more easily

This approach can make scripting based on properties lot better though
keeping their global nature intact.

This is just an idea hope some smart guy takes it forward..:) to make the
ant compiler better and for sure would enable debugging lot easier.

I am not a language design expert, those who are, can decide on a better
syntax.. once the forum sees a need for redefining the way properties be
accessible within ant script. 

Raja Nagendra Kumar,
-Single Source Mobile Applications Experts
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