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From <>
Subject AW: <autoconf>
Date Tue, 03 Nov 2009 07:28:33 GMT
Thanks for feedback.

>I like the idea and the general implementation but have a problem with
>the name.  When I saw its name I thought you were writing task for the
>autotools suite and not a task that would configure other tasks.

I dont know the autotools suite, so that name was more intuitive for me.

>Regarding the implementation I wonder whether you couldn't use
>IntrospecitionHelper (maybe by opening it up a little) instead of
>writing your own reflection logic to determine the possible attributes.
>I fear the task's logic is bound to be different from
>IntroSpectionHelper in subtle ways which could lead to confusing bugs.

I am not familiar with the ISH, so that didnt come to my mind.
I'll have a look (when I have my next time slot ;-)

So it was good to place it in the sandbox before :O


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