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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject ProjectHelper improvements
Date Sat, 17 Oct 2009 13:15:59 GMT
I worked a little bit more on the Groovy frontend, and I have some  
suggestions again on the ProjectHelper.

In Ant 1.8 we introduced the ProjectHelperRepository which is  
maintaining the list of available ProjectHelper in the classpath. And  
we use it to find the project helper that will be able to parse a  
specified build file with ProjectHelper#supportsBuildFile(...). I  
suggest we should do the same for the antlib with the help of  
ProjectHelper#canParseAntlibDescriptor(...) (and then maybe have some  
method name consistency by renaming supportsBuildFile to  

In the Ant and SubAnt tasks the default build file is build.xml.  
Someone providing its own ProjectHelper can also provide some subclass  
of Ant and SubAnt while overriding the default build file expected.  
For instance I have some Gant and SubGant tasks which are specifying  
that they expect some build.groovy files as default.
But I think now that it would be better to make these Ant and SubAnt  
tasks behave more like the Main class behaves. Starting Ant 1.8 the  
Main class is calling the ProjectHelperRepository to get the default  
build files names defined by the ProjectHelpers, search for each one  
on the filesystem, and use the first found. I think that the Ant and  
SubAnt tasks should do the same. Then there will be no need for the  
providers of ProjectHelpers to define they own subclasses of Ant and  



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